Example Materials

Slides from Workshops

This preview shows a few slides from our workshops, designed specifically for each visit and tailored to the Key Stage of the pupils. Here you can see topics such as stereotypes, families, safe sex and key definitions which have used in a variety of schools for pupils ranging from Year 3 to Year 13.

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Anti-Homophobia Posters by Year 7

Keeping pupils engaged and active in our workshops is something we’re very keen to do. A great way of doing this, and seeing what they’ve learned from the session, is to make anti-bullying posters which can then be displayed around the school, making a lasting change.

Questions Asked to Us During Visits

In every session we aim to include an anonymous Q&A where pupils can write down and submit questions to our volunteers which they would be unsure of asking directly. This can  greatly help students who are in the closet, or would simply prefer to ask more discretely. Our volunteers are trained in how to answer questions and to determine those which are and aren’t appropriate, but answers are never scripted or pre-prepared, making for an insightful and very honest exchange. (Click images to enlarge)